Love Local BBQs
July 18, 2022

Our Love Local Barbecues are back! Stop by Heritage Co-op to support a local charity and Members have a chance to win Match Your Cash Back and get a gift card worth equal value to your 2021 cash back, up to $1000. Equity cheques will be mailed by the end of July.


August 3rd – Erickson Food Store
11:30AM - 1PM

Supporting Services to Seniors

August 4th – Strathclair Home Centre
11:30AM - 1PM

Supporting the Rink Board Upgrades

August 5th – Sandy Lake Food Store

11:30AM - 1PM

Donation recipient TBA 

August 5th – Brandon Food Store
3:30 - 6PM

Supporting Brandon Regional Health Authority – Pediatrics Ward

August 8th – Minnedosa Food Store
11:30AM - 1PM

Supporting Minnedosa Child Care Co-op

August 9th – Wawanesa Gas Bar
11:30AM - 1PM

Supporting Wawanesa Wee Care

August 10th – Rivers Food Store
11:30AM - 1PM

Supporting Rivers Baseball Association Field Upgrades and Expansion