Camp Wannakumbac Heritage Co-op Sponsorship
June 18, 2024

For the 2024 Summer Season, Heritage Co-op will be sponsoring $100 for 10 children's Summer Camp fees!

Camp Wannakumbac is a residential (sleep-away) coed camp for children aged 8 to 15 has been providing a creative and unique social experience for young people for over 75 years. The camp is located steps away from Clear Lake, within the boundary of Riding Mountain National Park. To learn more about Camp Wannakumbac click here.

Here at Heritage Co-op we recognize the amazing opportunity that summer camp provides children of all ages. As such, we are excited to provide the opportunity to a child that might not otherwise have the chance. We invite parents with children ages 8-15 to apply for sponsorship for their child's Camp Wannakumbac registration fee. 

To apply fill out our application form here

We ask that you please complete one application per child. This is not an official application to Camp Wannakumbac but rather just an application for sponsorship. Though you do not have to be a Member, preference will be given to Heritage Co-op Members.

Application deadline is June 26th. 

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